For Children: 

Full time care at Kidz Academy provides an engaging and age appropriate learning environment. We believe that our children are happiest when we provide structure, varied play options, consistency, and social interaction. 

We believe in discipline through redirection and focus on positive guidance in all relationships.

Over the years we have been awarded with several grants that have furnished and provided our centers with thousands of dollars worth of toys and educational materials.

Our children's needs are met individually and our teachers adapt to the child, not the other way around. 



For Parents and Guardians: 

Parents can rest assured that while their children are in full time care at Kidz Academy, they will be supervised at all times and kept as safe, happy, and loved as we would keep our own children. 

Our teachers are kept up to date with regular training and continuing education through the State of Utah. Our teachers must pass background checks and obtain Food Handler's Permits, CPR & First Aid certifications before caring for your children. 

We are open year-round and only closed on federal bank holidays and Pioneer Day, observed in Utah. 

Our centers are both regularly inspected and our buildings are secure with code-access only. Our centers are praised on cleanliness and unique visual aesthetics which are appealing to both parents and children.